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The Challenge

Spectrum Brands was interested in optimizing their recurring spend and consolidating agreements where feasible across 9+ spend categories. They had engaged a consultant with the goal of identifying the right group purchasing organization (GPO) for this spend. The consultant identified $25M in spend across several categories and expressed interest in additional spend areas.

Their role was to advise Spectrum Brands on what GPO would make the best partner. The consultant formalized an RFP to be sent to several GPOs including, OMNIA Partners, CoreTrust, CoVest Sourcing Network, Procure Analytics (formerly Procurement Advisors), and others, that outlined critical evaluation areas.


  • Category Coverage
  • Total Cost Savings Potential
  • Business Alignment with GPO Strategy
  • Supplier Fit & Ability to Work within Current Incumbent Relationships
  • Change Management & Implementation Support
  • Onboarding Systems & Training
  • Savings Tracking & Compliance Enforcement

The Solution

OMNIA Partners answered the RFP with all requested information but also wanted to have an open-ended conversation on priorities, and the value chain for Spectrum Brands. Through these discovery conversations OMNIA Partners was able to solve for a better experience and uncover the level of engagement that would make the most meaningful impact for Spectrum Brands’ unique goals.

We were able to align our suggested solutions to these needs and assess almost double the amount of applicable spend. OMNIA Partners displayed value across a wide breadth of spend categories enabling Spectrum Brands to make an informed spend decision.

Other GPOs had membership or minimum qualifications, conditions, restrictions and or requirements. OMNIA Partners let Spectrum decide/select the categories and how together we would approach/address.

-Senior Category Manager, Spectrum Brands

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Marketing & Partner Development Teams
These dedicated resources partner with suppliers to ensure the program remains relevant and grows in member adoption – contributing to continued value for members.
Assessment Process
Provides members with a preview of the financial and qualitative benefits of a given program specific to that member’s spend and behaviors. This allows for risk free, informed buying decisions.
No program or category is a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Through the customizable approach and flexible GPO model unique to OMNIA Partners you gain agility.
Partnership & Advocacy 
OMNIA Partners went above and beyond the original criteria the consultant defined to create a transparent and impactful solution specific to Spectrum Brands.
OMNIA Partners provided the most comprehensive proposal, offer, presentation and solutions.
No Strings Attached 
Other GPOs that participated in the RFP required minimum qualifications, conditions, and restrictions.

OMNIA Partners was able to apply our unique group purchasing approach to their spend goals and advise where partnering together would make a meaningful impact. Our high touch, high impact model empowered a more value driven and optimized experience for Spectrum Brands.

The Winning Results

Now OMNIA Partners and Spectrum Brands have a direct relationship to partner together on current and future spend management opportunities.

Spectrum Brands initially adopted 6 categories from OMNIA Partners; the categories adopted range from Small Parcel, Corporate Services, IT/ Telecom and Facilities Management, with several categories still being explored.


OMNIA Partners had the most relevant and comprehensive proposal, overview, presentation and offerings.”

-Senior Category Manager, Spectrum Brands

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