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World Health Day

Posted by Noveta Health on April 08, 2019

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In celebration of World Health Day, OMNIA Partners wanted to share some important facts brought to you by our supplier partner Noveta Health!

The leading cause of death in our country is heart disease. One in every four deaths in the United States is caused by heart disease, or 610,000 deaths a year. No other disease even comes close to its level of destructiveness.

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 6.9% of American adults have some form of major cardiovascular disease and 3.6% have suffered a heart attack. Cardiovascular disease comprises conditions affecting the heart, the most common of which are coronary artery disease, heart attack, and arrhythmia.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are major risk factors for heart disease. Nearly half of Americans either have one of the conditions or smoke. In addition to smoking, unhealthy behaviors such as poor diet and lack of physical activity also increase a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Heart-related medical claims range between $80,000-$150,000 per claim. Health plan sponsors are paying a steep price from this trend in addition to the afflicted individuals. So what can you do as a healthcare plan sponsor to combat this alarming trend, improve your employees’ well-being, and lower your healthcare spend?

Incentivizing and implementing effective employee health and wellness programs. A strong employee health and wellness program is one of the best ways to take preventative measures against heart disease.

At Noveta Health, our health and wellness programs are considered to be one of the most effective programs in the country. We take the time to sit down with every employee and give them actionable feedback on how they can improve their health habits.

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