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Posted by Konica Minolta on September 04, 2019

As the world of Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow and becomes more complex, your business needs the support to navigate through the noise and adapt to the right technologies to stay ahead. Your IT department plays a critical role in taking the right steps forward for the business. Yet, there are challenges within the team, such as not having enough people, bandwidth, or capabilities to support your current operations and even your future growth. 

There's a way to do it better – find it. 

- Thomas Edison

Konica Minolta recognizes that organizations need to simplify their IT so they can be better positioned to meet ever-increasing demands, operating efficiently, and grow exponentially. The new Workplace Hub – an innovative IT solution that unites your organization's technology via a single, centralized platform – is what's needed. It's one complete ecosystem that provides the hardware, software, and services all in one place. This program is available to members of OMNIA Partners, Private Sector.

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So why does this matter?

You have a system running now, and it's working just fine – or so you think. IT equipment and software can become outdated quickly, with costly, difficult-to-manage upgrades that may be necessary. Depending on your current IT situation, you may also find that your data storage requirements can't handle the needs of your business.

Does a big chunk of your budget review include IT needs?

We all want more for less – increased productivity and cost savings. You know firsthand what upgrading technology can do. Look at Energy Star appliances. An investment in something new saves you in the immediate term. Or look at a smartphone. The power packed inside is greater than the power of the computer used to send the first rocket to the moon! So, examine your operations today and see how simplifying it can be the logical upgrade.  PRIVATE | konica minolta | blog image

 There are 720 million digital hacks attempts every 24 hours. 

- CNBC 2016

Aside from the infrastructure, every organization is faced with unknown threats and hidden security risks. Your security is critical to your business and user negligence can impact your IT structure. With hackers constantly breaking into systems for important data or crippling systems with malware, your due diligence with data and IT security cannot be sidestepped without opening yourself up to massive breaches. 

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Stay protected and keep your business running smoothly.

The services provided through Workplace Hub will enable you to leverage preventative maintenance and proactive monitoring and management. Plus, Konica Minolta and the IT Services division, All Covered, can help you do more with support for IT-specific consulting projects. 

Don't operate the same as you were ten years ago.

Your employees have changing needs as your business evolves. You may have already recognized the value of business continuity through cloud computing. Or have thought about edge computing and its distributed computing model. With Workplace Hub, Konica Minolta brings everything together with technology that evolves your business seamlessly. 

Available through OMNIA Partners, Konica Minolta offers members an expansive product portfolio of Management Print Services, Content Management Solutions, IT Services and Marketing Services. Contact Us for more information.

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