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Workplace Trends Fuel Breakroom Innovation Opportunities

Posted by OMNIA Partners on August 09, 2017

Much has changed in the workplace over the past several years. A number of factors are driving change in everything from corporate culture to the physical setup of offices. Younger generations enter the workforce and bring a desire for collaboration and flexible workplaces. Sustainability efforts have become increasingly important for many organizations. New technology is enabling a more flexible work environment and increased interactivity among co-workers.

In turn, the way organizations think about and utilize the breakroom is also shifting. Employers have an opportunity to invest in breakroom spaces, making them more useful and appealing to employees. Below are two of the top workplace trends that are impacting the breakroom:

Densification is the reduction in square feet leased per office worker. Many offices are shrinking in terms of square footage per employee, as businesses of all sizes adopt a more open office model. In fact, real estate data provider CoreNet Global estimates that the average square footage per office worker has been reduced by 33 percent since 20101. These open-office models eliminate cubicles and divided departments to encourage broader communication and ongoing collaboration.

How it impacts the breakroom:
Smaller individual workspaces and more collaboration-focused areas result in greater demands on breakroom space. Breakrooms are evolving into more flexible, multipurpose areas that can accommodate informal meetings and act as an alternative workspace.

Focus on employee wellness
A greater focus has been placed on developing corporate culture and encouraging employee wellness within the past several years. Companies realize that workplace stress is the biggest health issue that employees face – 1 in 3 reports being chronically stressed on the job. Studies have also shown a direct correlation between high stress levels and reduced productivity. As a result, more organizations are investing in creating a healthier and more relaxing environment for employees. Wellness programs are being used to lower absenteeism, attract talent and save on healthcare costs, while accommodating employees that are generally more health conscious than in the past.

How it impacts the breakroom:
Employers are encouraging employees to take regular breaks throughout the day to recharge. In doing so, organizations want to ensure that the breakroom provides a relaxing environment that encourages employee health. This includes providing a spacious area, comfortable seating, products that encourage good hygiene and healthy snack options.

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