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Tips for Meetings Management Program Success

Posted by OMNIA Partners on April 26, 2017

Implementing a strategic meetings management program (SMMP) is a huge benefit for busy organizations. But this new strategy can be met with pushback from concerned internal meeting planners.

In a recent MeetingsNet article from Betsy Bondurant, “F is for Fruitful Friction,” she discusses several “success strategies” that can help internal teams feel at ease when a new SMMP is introduced. Using some of the “success strategies” from the MeetingsNet article, here are a few scenarios we’ve encountered with our own member organizations:

SUCCESS STRATEGY #1: “Take the time to explain the value proposition for implementing the SMMP.”

We have seen success with some of our members when internal meeting planners thoroughly understand the intentions of the new program and its goals.

For example, key stakeholders are afraid of losing control of a meeting or event when a 3rd party starts to get involved. But, once we talk through what the relationship is like and that the internal stakeholder dictates the 3rd party involvement, everyone feels much more comfortable.

SUCCESS STRATEGY #2: “Conduct periodic focus group sessions that include the occasional and power planners in your organization while you are in the design stage of your program.”

A lot of the time, our members find someone within the meeting-planning group that can be the champion of the SMMP and showcase how the added level of support will alleviate some areas of administrative duties. For example, contract negotiation is something that a meeting planner might be able to hand off, but they still stay involved in the food and décor decisions.

Some members also empower the internal meeting planner by involving them in the selection process of the 3rd party consultant and letting them provide feedback.

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