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Third Party IT Solutions Provider: What Are The Benefits?

Posted by Konica Minolta on July 01, 2019

How does Konica Minolta’s IT Services division, All Covered, help businesses function, grow and deal with the increasing complexity that remains a challenge for an in-house only IT department?

Konica Minolta’s IT services division, All Covered, is a one-stop-shop for everything IT related. Information technology issues are not isolated to any specific group and All Covered has been providing solutions and services to businesses in every industry for more than 18 years. This program is available to members of OMNIA Partners, Private Sector.

All Covered provides organizations with customized plans to meet their specific needs and tailors their solutions to have them best meet their goals.  These services include Managed IT services, Cloud Solutions, tailored IT Projects like application and web development or network design. 

4 Pillars

Why hire a third party IT solutions provider?

In-house IT teams are extremely costly and not every business can afford to expand and contract as IT needs change over time.  Budgets are always top of mind for executives especially if they’re looking at their bottom line to grow revenue and make progress in their business strategy.  All Covered services and solutions have the ability to act as a well-rounded IT “team,” supplementing your existing staff.

How does it all happen?

Konica Minolta All Covered gauges what needs to be accomplished in an organization and can assess current systems for optimization, remote management or scheduled maintenance.  Then a strategic plan is created that can include regular monitoring with network safe guarding and it can include specific solutions for that industry of choice.    

3 Ways it All Happens

All Covered can also manage Enterprise Class Deployment of Apple devices.  From initial consulting, to procurement, configuration, deployment, and support-we can handle the entire lifecycle of your technology project or just the pieces with which you need assistance.

Enterprise Class Device Deployment

All Covered has the most essential tools that businesses need to function and the most bespoke services that every business didn’t know they needed to grow! With more than 800 certified IT engineers – All Covered serves its 3,000+ customers daily to ensure their businesses run smoothly, securely and in a way that they can focus on their core competencies and not technologies issues. 

Available through OMNIA Partners, Konica Minolta offers members an expansive product portfolio of Management Print Services, Content Management Solutions, IT Services and Marketing Services. Contact Us for more information.

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