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Strategic Networking for Procurement: Immediate ROI

Posted by OMNIA Partners on April 23, 2019

Network with your purchasing peers to uncover immediate, strategic returns and increased performance. 

Procurement often finds that they are working in a silo, disconnected from their stakeholders and lacking prudent visibility into overall company goals. When the opportunity to connect with others in the purchasing world arises, procurement can learn tools and best practices that will help guide them out of their silo so they can operate more efficiently, spend more strategically, increase returns and perform at a higher level.

Procurement can utilize these networking experiences to leverage the collective group knowledge to maximize returns and ROI, similar to how GPOs leverage group spend to do the same for members. How can you make the most of your networking opportunities?

1. Use tools and resources at your fingertips to maximize your connection efforts. Many events showcase interactive tools like an event APP. Take time before the event starts to set up your profile, build out your schedule, take note of speakers that intrigue you (and would be worthwhile sticking around after their presentation to introduce yourself to), and most importantly build your profile. Make sure your contact information is correct, your photo is of you (no funny memes or cartoon characters) - use this opportunity to make it easy to find you to connect. 

2. Attend built in networking opportunities. It can be difficult to network in a crowd with food and music but it is also a great chance to connect when everyone is in a more relaxed environment. Even if the party isn't your 'thing' it is a built in chance to begin building relationships that can be proven profitable in the end.

3. Post-event efforts are just as important as your event prep. If you collected a lot of business cards or APP connections - follow-up! It may seem like a no brainer but how many cards have you handed out at networking events and actually received a thoughtful response from? Minimal at best. This is a huge missed opportunity, you engaged in a one-on-one interaction with this peer, take this opportunity to send a thoughtful and direct email, or even make a phone call. You may not have the exact solution needed currently but being industry peers can result in future opportunities. On that note, stay connected. Add these contacts on LinkedIn so you can continue to network and build a thoughtful relationship. 

The procurement world is an ever-evolving one, making these connections and networking opportunities truly vital for future growth and success. It is with this challenge in mind that OMNIA Partners developed our Conferences and Events.



During our Regional and National Connections we host an engaging Expo hall, it allows members and supplier partners to engage in quality one-on-one conversations. Attendees exchange best practices with peers in their markets and industries during dedicated Expo Hall time, engage in targeted meetings with top-performing private sector supplier partners and uncover deep savings across strategic spend categories. It’s exactly what procurement needs to keep your supply chain efficient and boost your bottom line - allowing you the tools and resources needed to jump out of the silo and align your spend opportunities to stakeholder goals. 


During Connections 2019 the entire purchasing community of OMNIA Partners brought their A-game. It was truly an insightful few days. Even if you were not able to attend you can still benefit:

3 Insights from OMNIA Partners Connections 2019

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