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Spend Smarter in Your Breakroom to Achieve Procurement Goals

Posted by OMNIA Partners on June 20, 2017

We hear it from procurement teams a lot: they want to spend smarter. This is especially true for indirect spend categories. Many organizations are aware of the opportunities that indirect categories offer to achieve procurement goals like increased cost savings, but, the challenge is that many teams are already overstretched and don’t have the time to really focus on driving improvements in their spend programs.

One category that we’ve found to have several important opportunities for procurement teams is breakroom supplies.

While your team may not spend a great deal of time in managing this category – or have the resources to dedicate – making a few small changes can bring you a lot closer to achieving key procurement goals. Smarter spending in this category can result in:

  • Greater cost savings for the organization
  • More efficient procurement processes
  • Alignment with broader corporate strategies (like sustainability initiatives)

For example, did you know that you could drive savings of up to 30% by switching from folded paper towels to an automated dispenser? According to research by Georgia-Pacific, fewer paper towels are used with automated paper towel dispensers. This means that consumption is reduced, and so is the amount that your organization has to purchase.

The benefits of smarter spending in the breakroom go beyond cost savings. Find out about the opportunities that exist in this category, and how procurement teams can take advantage of them to achieve key procurement goals in our whitepaper, “3 Procurement Goals Achieved With Smarter Breakroom Spending.”

DOWNLOAD | 3 Procurement Goals Achieved With Smarter Breakroom Spending

More Ways to Save

Are you looking for additional ways to increase savings on breakroom supplies? Partnering with a GPO can help you secure even better pricing, while freeing up your procurement team to focus on achieving other objectives. Learn more about the Breakroom Supplies program offered through OMNIA Partners, and contact us to get started on an assessment.

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