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Practical Implementation Guide for Managing IT Change

Posted by OMNIA Partners on June 22, 2017

In the first post of this series, we noted how instrumental your IT organization is to enterprise productivity, risk mitigation and profit protection. We also introduced the change management spectrum and it’s first two phases: 1) Communication Conception and 2) Collaborative Architecting.

In the second of this 2-part series we will cover the final two phases of the change management spectrum: 3) Action and Accountability and 4) Continuous Engagement.

Preparing for Change Management Infographic
Throughout the preparation for implementation procurement has gained champions and support by clearly defining the benefits for each stakeholder. Phase three in implementation is all about action; it is time to execute and deliver your project with the expertise of all internal and external stakeholders. Choosing a supplier who can partner with you and help you optimize this critical phase can be game changing.


“A successful implementation depends heavily on a project management methodology that is consistent, measurable and repeatable to ensure smooth implementation. The project team needs to consider the unique challenges, gaps, and essentials of each project stage individually, and to continually reevaluate a project to address uncertainty and changes in goals (locally, regionally, and globally),” explains Michael Cardwell, Director of Business Development for Konica Minolta Business Solutions.

The four-step methodology followed at Konica Minolta:

  1. Project Initiation and Planning
    Project Initiation and Planning establishes all of the prerequisites and mechanisms required to start and execute the master agreement. Defining project scope, deliverables and how deliverables are to be realized. Further, it defines who will be involved in decision-making processes, quality expectations, and how risks will be managed.
  2. Project Monitoring and Controlling
    Project Monitoring and Controlling consists of those processes required to track, review, and regulate the progress and performance of the project against the project plan. It identifies areas in which changes to the project plan are required, and initiates any such changes, thus ensuring that project performance is observed and measured regularly and consistently to identify variances from the project plan.
  3. Project Execution
    Project Execution delivers the approved products, services, and hardware by managing the tasks identified within prescribed timescales. Initiating corrective action in relation to any constraints that may be encountered, and managing all resources.
  4. Project Closure/Handover
    Project Closure and Handover involves the completion of a project stage and/or the project, and formal transfer of responsibility to Konica Minolta ‘Operations’ organization (and to the member’s services organization), including the undertaking of a formal ‘lessons learned’ exercise.


On-going evaluation will be necessary to measure key change management project KPIs and employee adoption. Consistent tracking and reporting can also ensure you are gaining the fundamental advantages you initiated the program to create as well as continued compliance.

For our members, we recommend continued collaboration with OMNIA Partners and your supplier partner to evolve program value. OMNIA Partners and Konica Minolta have successfully implemented over 100 programs together. We partner with your team to help execute a comprehensive process fulfilling all your unique business needs.

OMNIA Partners provides dedicated account management to ensure you are receiving the ideal level of service in addition to the core benefits of your program, including exceptional savings, leading business application integration and guaranteed service-level agreements. Let’s start the conversation on your next IT change management project today.


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