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MyWIN: The Workforce Mobility Analytics You Need

Posted by Weichert Workforce Mobility on September 11, 2018

When it comes to managing your mobile workforce, knowledge is power. And by “knowledge,” we mean data analytics.

As a supplier partner with OMNIA Partners, Weichert’s single-system mobility management platform, MyWIN, can give its members instant insight to total activity and costs for both the domestic and global side. Giving you all the data you need to understand and communicate why mobility matters! MyWIN also provides important destination information for mobile employees, helping them settle in faster and get on the job quickly and efficiently.

This site is fast, easy-to-use and fuels informed decisions that make YOU the hero. Our dynamic technology solution is a safe and secure virtual environment that gives you the ability to manage your entire relocation online.

Read the full article from Weichert Workforce Mobility. Available through OMNIA Partners, Weichert Workforce Mobility shares their solution for tracking data analytics and how it can help you better manage your mobile workforce.

Then contact us with any questions about how this OMNIA Partners Workforce Mobility offering can help your company.

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