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Prevent Facility Damage by Monitoring Rooftop Snow

Posted by CentiMark on December 08, 2021

We’re entering the coldest time of the year where snow and ice can do serious damage to your facility’s roof if not properly tracked and addressed. Roof damage can cause major issues for your business operations, and procurement has an opportunity to provide their stakeholders with the necessary preventative tools.

To make sure your facility manager avoids weather-related roof repairs, let's explore how leveraging your group purchasing organization (GPO) can connect you to industry-leading solutions for snow removal services.  

Let's Talk Snow Removal

1) Weight: When heavy snow accumulates on your roof, its weight causes a great deal of stress on your facility and cause it to collapse.

  • 1 inch of wet, dense snow=1.66 lbs/sq ft
  • 6 inches of snow=approx 9.96 lbs/sq ft
  • If your roof is 50,000 sq ft, you'll have 498,000 lbs of snow on top of your building!
Snow Piled on Roof of Facility

 2) Temperature fluctuations: Changes in temperature cause snow to thaw and then refreeze multiple times. This cycle can compromise the ability of your roof to drain properly. Additionally, any cracks, tears or other damage that had not been addressed before the snowfall, could become worse causing roof leaks. Ice forming on your roof can also become a slip hazard for any personnel that walk on it.

 3) Your facility's rooftop projections: HVAC units, exhaust vents, and more -- commercial roofs house multiple essential features that keep your facility running. Excessive snow and ice may block access to those systems and, in some cases, cause damage. Snow may also obstruct doors and prevent roof access.

The amount of snow on the ground doesn't necessarily represent what is on your roof.

How can you track your rooftop snow and address it?

CentiMark's snow monitoring system allows you to be in the know of the snow levels across your entire roof. You can monitor snow from your computer or mobile device anytime, anywhere. Once the weight of snow reaches the established point, CentiMark's crews are dispatched.   

Whether you decide to install snow monitors on your roof or not, snow removal needs to be done properly. Experienced commercial roofing contractors understand the complexities of industrial roofs. With over 50 years of commercial roofing expertise and over 95 locations across North America, GPO supplier CentiMark is a commercial roofer you can rely on.

To get on our priority list for snow removal, please download this waiver and email it to




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