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Look for Energy Losses in these Top Spots

Posted by Grainger on January 31, 2019

When conditioned air (hot or cold) leaks from a building, the energy it took to condition that air is wasted, creating an energy loss.  Leaks are only one of the sources for wasted energy; motors, pumps, and electrical boxes will generate heat and lose energy efficiency as they begin to fail.  Thermal imagers can be used by creating pictures of measured infrared energy or heat and assigning colors based on the differences of temperature.  

Nominal training is required for most people to be able to spot abnormal temperatures and identify the energy waste by following the heat trail. This technique is best used by people who are already familiar with the structures and systems being scanned, as they tend to be better at interpreting the temperature variances as seen on camera.

Savings opportunities of up to 15% can be found from a typical scan pointing out areas in need of repair. Where can you find the top sources of energy losses in your facilities?

Energy Losses Infographic

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