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Long-Term Maintenance Means Big Savings

Posted by OMNIA Partners on March 26, 2019

Focusing on immediate, upfront savings can actually cost more than it saves. Learn how you can purchase with the long-term in mind AND save. 

When it comes to purchasing Industrial Supplies and MRO, purchasers and manufacturers often focus first on immediate savings. Going into your purchasing journey with that as your main focus can actually hurt your long-tail savings opportunities though. Long-term maintenance needs to be one of the forefront focuses. 

When manufacturers purchase with upfront savings as their first goal they often find themselves with industrial supplies and MRO that could be of a lesser quality or prove unreliable. The substitute solution could result in ongoing maintenance, continuous replacements or even worse costly downtime. There needs to be a higher priority set on purchasing reliable, high-quality MRO in order to maximize supply chain performance and uncover long-tail savings. Read this blog post from New Equipment Digest to learn more:


Make MRO a Top Priority


Industrial Supplies & MRO Savings 

OMNIA Partners doesn't think you should have to choose between quality and ongoing, sustainable savings so we offer market-leading agreements from top supplier partners. Learn more about the OMNIA Partners Industrial Supplies and MRO program offerings.  

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