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Infographic: Why Supplier Consolidation is Critical and Easy!

Posted by OMNIA Partners on May 09, 2019

Maintaining relationships with multiple vendors can be tricky, especially when you have different vendors servicing different locations. There are several key benefits to consolidating your suppliers that will make purchasing less complex. 

Supplier Consolidation Benefits

Supplier Consolidation Made Easy 

That is all great in theory but trying to consolidate all those suppliers into one seems complex and time consuming. Going through the RFP process with one vendor is enough to induce headaches, let alone multiple vendors you already have varying levels of relationships with. That is why OMNIA Partners, Private Sector vets all of our suppliers to ensure they are market leaders that will deliver exceptional quality, reducing a member’s lead time to market and guaranteeing they receive the best value for their spend. We enable members to build valuable, long-term relationships with world-class supplier partners.

This process streamlines your procurement process through unmatched access to top suppliers representing a robust portfolio of goods and services in indirect and direct materials, greatly improving the overall quality of your business operations. Learn more about opportunities to consolidate your suppliers to save time, money, stress and more. 

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