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Infographic: Six Questions for Stakeholder Alignment

Posted by OMNIA Partners on February 15, 2019

Developing alignment with your internal stakeholders can be difficult, take a lot of coordination and be complex. Stakeholders tend to think procurement is not focused on finding the right solution with a partner they can trust, but rather focused only on expense management. Procurement however is much more strategic in their approach and goals. In order to begin alignment with end-user stakeholders procurement needs to start with the right discovery questions.

These 6 questions will help procurement take the lead in starting the conversation. 

Procurement's Role in Stakeholder Alignment


Stakeholder Alignment

Aligning with internal stakeholders can be a challenge for procurement leaders but it will prove vital as procurement continues to take on more strategic and transformative roles. Uncover industry-leading solutions procurement can immediately put into place that will satisfy your spend goals and end-user stakeholder's goals as well. 

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