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Roof Safety in Inclement Weather

Posted by CentiMark on September 04, 2020

Hurricane Laura has made her debut but the peak of hurricane season is yet to come. Roof safety is crucial to members of OMNIA Partners so it's important to make sure your roof is always as safe as possible, especially during the summer storm season. We’re breaking down roofing safety measures to take before, during and after inclement weather.


Before the Storm Hits

Be able to verify your roof's pre-storm condition to help your adjuster. Having a roof condition report prior to any storm damage can help you navigate the insurance process. The report will help your adjuster process your insurance claim in an expeditious manner, should you need repairs later.

Scheduling an inspection of your roof can also help you fully understand the condition of your roof and make any essential repairs before the storm hits. In addition to any needed repairs, it is important that all rooftop items are inspected and documented. Not all roofing service companies are created equally so ensure that you are selecting a supplier that will provide a thorough inspection. Our supplier partner, CentiMark, provides inspections to members of OMNIA Partners at no charge. 

A sampling of these items include:

  • Edge Details - Is your metal edge secured properly? We will review your metal edge to determine whether fasteners or caulking are needed to prevent damage from wind uplift.
  • Roof System - Do you know how your roof is attached? Examining the condition of the roof attachment method be it mechanically attached, ballasted, mopped in place, fully adhered, etc is critical.
  • Skylights - Are they properly secured and protected? We will make sure your skylights are made of material that can withstand high winds and hail.
  • Drainage - We will make sure all your drains, gutters and downspouts are free and clear from all debris.
  • Rooftop Projections - Are they all properly secured? If your facility is in an area particularly susceptible to high winds or hail, ensure that hurricane straps and other protective measures are in place.
  • Potential Projectiles - Do you have any potential projectiles on your roof such as sleepers, nail blocks or unsecured walk pads? It is vital to make sure that these are all properly secured to avoid unnecessary damage and potential hazards to your customers and employees.

After the inspection, be sure your chosen supplier provides a written report, photos and suggested storm season repair recommendations. They can work with you to develop the best plan of action for your roof prior to any storm and assist you with any emergency repairs should a storm hit.

During Harsh Weather

If you’re completing a roofing project during a summer storm, make sure the roofing crew performs nightly tie-ins to keep your building watertight. Additionally, have your emergency service numbers on hand, should any leaks or damage occur during the storm. 

After You’ve Weathered the Storm

Schedule a post-storm inspection to assess the condition of your roof and see if any repairs or maintenance are needed to get your roof back to being watertight. It is important to assess any damage and obtain a thorough inspection on the condition of your roof post-storm. This will not only help you with repair or replacement decisions based on damage, but it will help you with your insurance company. Plus, don’t forget that suppliers can work with your insurance company on any claims, as well.

Members of OMNIA Partners have access to a valuable program with CentiMark, a leading roof services provider. This program provides discounts on leak repair services, roof safety accessories, preventative maintenance/asset management, free inspections and on-line management at no charge. CentiMark is a leader in the roofing industry and a supplier you can trust to guide you along the path of roof safety before, during and after inclement weather!

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