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How Video Can Help Enhance the Power of Teamwork

Posted by Intrado on June 11, 2019

We agree, “teamwork makes the dreamwork,” and it turns out, there’s some science to back this up. Studies show that working in teams can improve productivity, increase profitability, produce better results and lead to greater job satisfaction. And collaboration has become a key part of creating successful teams, which results in successful projects. Available through OMNIA Partners, Private Sector, West UC can provide members with the tools needed for successful communications.

Successful Collaboration Requires the Right Tools

Teamwork is the foundation of productive collaboration, and according to a dimensional research study, 83 percent of professionals rely on technology to connect with their teams. Whether it’s sending an email or IM, sharing files via a team collaboration tool or holding a web or video conference, technology helps teams make swift and informed decisions about the multitude of data being shared every day. One of the primary factors that contribute to the success of any business is whether its employees are able to perform together as a team. Conferencing and collaboration tools can help bring teams together, strengthening their cohesiveness as a group so that companies can become more productive and efficient.

Collaboration among teams promotes self-awareness, streamlines problem-solving and allows individuals to look at the bigger picture through a different lens when team members from different backgrounds work side-by-side. When it comes to incorporating technologies into daily workflows as a means to support and encourage collaboration, there are many options businesses can consider, but none quite as powerful or effective as video.


How Video Benefits Teamwork

The introduction of video collaboration has changed the way we work. Geographically dispersed, remote and mobile teams can now collaborate face-to-face without incurring travel expenses. And with user-intuitive video conferencing tools and video-enabled huddle spaces in the office, connecting with colleagues over video has never been easier. Here are a few ways video can improve teamwork:

  • Video helps nurture team relationships – To build a high-functioning team, its key to establish trust and build rapport with colleagues. Using video humanizes our communications. Looking someone in the eyes and engaging in some pre or post-meeting chit chat can make a significant difference in a virtual team’s ability to bond with one another.
  • Video makes team meetings more productive and efficient – Team members tend to be more attentive, engaged and prepared for video conferences. So right off the bat, employees who use video to connect with their teams are at an advantage. When making decisions or problem solving, teams that have the ability to gauge body language cues in their conversations are likely to reach decisions more quickly than those relying on written or audio-only communication.
  • Video helps improve employee satisfaction – Happy, healthy teams are productive teams! Frequent travel can take a physical and emotional toll on teams, but using video in place of travel can help eliminate these concerns. And leveraging video allows teams to collaborate from any location which helps employees achieve work-life balance, and ultimately improves job satisfaction and reduces employee turnover.


Ready to harness the power of video to improve teamwork inside your organization? West can help provide all of the tools, technology and support needed to make video a success for your business. Connect with one of our video collaboration experts today to get started!

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