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How to Tackle Labor Shortages with a “Magnetic” Mobility Policy

Posted by Weichert Workforce Mobility on April 07, 2022

In 2020, virtually every industry as we know it had to take a new approach to the way they operated while maintaining productivity that ensured the safety of employees. Two years later, these necessary changes have paved the way for dramatic transformations that impact how we work, where we work, and how we engage with our coworkers. These revolutionary adaptions to the way we work have ultimately driven the overall success of businesses during the pandemic.

Hurdles Facing Workforce Mobility

With the recent and ongoing Great Resignation, industries have been experiencing the burdens of these dramatic shifts in the workforce and adjusting accordingly. With this said, the importance of having an agile workforce strategy is more crucial than ever as procurement leaders focused on prioritizing mobility are asking two critical questions: 

  • How can I leverage my mobility program to attract top talent?
  • Does my mobility program offer the right career development opportunities to retain existing talent?

So, how can procurement leaders along with their HR counterparts reduce turnover and recruiting costs during the peak of this labor shortage? By implementing "magnetic" mobility policies — relocation policies that address the changing priorities of the modern workforce and attract the talent you need. 


What is a "Magnetic" Mobility Policy and How Can Procurement & HR Implement One?

A magnetic relocation policy helps your company attract the talent you need while reducing turnover and recruiting costs. As the world continues to evolve, mobility-driven procurement and HR leaders should be asking, "how can I make the most of a magnetic mobility policy to ensure my future and current employees' success?"

Revisit Your New Hire Policy

To ensure you receive the best candidates possible, your New Hire Policy should be at the forefront of your recruitment efforts. New Hire Policies should be competitive, thorough, and robust to cut through the competition and reach top talent.  Today’s employees want flexibility and choice – in benefits, work schedules, relocation benefits, and career paths – New Hire policies should reflect this.

Encourage Up-Skilling & Re-Skilling

As learning continues to evolve, employees should be more encouraged than ever to develop new skills, while upgrading old ones. Employers of all industries are offering programs that tackle both while supporting company culture, values, and growth. Winning companies actively promote career mobility, encouraging employees to seek out these opportunities and experiences. Employees who feel like their company is authentically invested in their growth and wellbeing are less likely to seek advancement opportunities outside the organization.

Create Purpose, Align Values

Now, more than ever, employees are attracted to forward-thinking companies that address core beliefs and stand for purpose. Organizations that prioritize and invest in environmental stewardship and social responsibility, will have a stronger force of attraction for new talent, and deepen the loyalty and trust of existing employees. 


How Can You Leverage a GPO to Create a Successful "Magnetic" Mobility Policy?

These initiatives and values can be promoted throughout the organization, as well as at the mobility level. OMNIA Partners is the largest GPO (Group Purchasing Organization) offering a revolutionary program with Weichert, dedicated to assisting companies in this exact area.

Begin to think about the benefits that are offered within your mobility policies and whether they are accommodating a diverse scope of employees. Many companies are revisiting benefits that may have previously fallen victim to cost-savings measures – like childcare or spouse employment assistance – and reexamining how these benefits can be offered to foster mobility programs that are flexible, inclusive, and support diversity and inclusion objectives.



Weichert Workforce Mobility is committed to “propelling mobility”—advancing traditional processes with services and innovations that help make your program—and our industry—stronger. For close to 50 years the company has helped some of the world’s leading organizations deploy talent across the globe and transform their mobile workforce into the most dynamic and valuable segment of their employee population.

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