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How to Future-Proof Your Supply Chain with a GPO

Posted by OMNIA Partners on October 15, 2020

Dan Grant, Senior Vice President Vertical Markets, and Lisa Wittmer, Vice President, Partner Development Technology Solutions, were featured by Supply Chain Now in a discussion on the difference between a traditional -vs- modern GPO, the depth of category expertise GPOs leverage for members, how GPOs are helping supply chain leaders future-proof their business, their 2021 supply chain predictions and MUCH more. Watch the video below!



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Procurement in Action: Proven Success Panel

Want more supply chain management transformational procurement strategy discussions? Look no further! 

There’s proof in the panel, we again teamed up with the pros at Supply Chain Now, and four of our procurement and supply chain management expert members for an educational panel discussion around these themes:

  • Discussion about organization's goals/ metrics
  • Lessons learned from 2020
  • Sourcing speed and cycle times - how they impact operations
  • How has their technology & managed services journey evolved?
  • What methods are they deploying to promote supply chain agility for the future?
  • Key priorities for 2021

Understand their experiences and proven success stories to help guide continuous improvement in your supply chain and procurement strategy.  


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