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How prepared is your facility for hurricane season?

Posted by Grainger on July 18, 2019

GraingerOMNIA-BlogHurricane season is in full effect now until the end of November. Hurricanes are a serious threat to people and property as we have seen the recent damage Hurricane Michael has caused in the United States. It is vital to prepare for the weather, but more importantly is your facility ready to respond and recover? Here are some tips from OMNIA Partners' supplier, Grainger to make sure you are ready when disaster strikes.

Tips for Preparing:

  • Review your emergency plan with employees. Store all your vital records offsite.
  • Obtain additional plywood or other needed window protection.
  • Have essential emergency supplies available.
  • Prior to evacuation, turn off and unplug all electrical equipment.

Tips for Respond and Recover:

  • Have a battery- or crank-operated radio handy for emergency-related updates.
  • Check for gas leaks and carefully check your electrical system.
  • Avoid floodwater to prevent injury or illness.
  • To prevent mold growth, dry out buildings and their contents and restore utilities as soon as possible.
  • To prevent illness, disinfect everything that became wet.
  • To protect yourself from hazardous materials during clean-up, wear protective clothing.

Learn more about how you can be prepared through our supplier partner Grainger. Through our partnership we can offer members a complete selection of products, services and resources to help keep your facility safe - minimizing disruptions, protecting workers, and saving you money.

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