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How High-Density Workspaces are Shaping Cleaning Trends

Posted by GP PRO on August 09, 2018

The modern workplace is transforming into a more efficient, collaborative, and productive environment through numerous developments. Higher density floor plans are becoming more prevalent among the newest office concepts, re-configuring personal workspaces into shared group areas, and ultimately condensing personal workspace per employee.

Many offices are investing in extensive renovations to accommodate more employees per square foot. To support these high-density spaces, high-density cleaning support is required. Existing standards for cleaning based on square footage may not be meeting the standards for these spaces. Some top concerns that will emerge for these high-density workspaces include health, hygiene, and more sustainable green cleaning. Astounding numbers were reported for the total number of days missed by sick employees due to the common cold. In fact, studies have shown as much as $48 billion/year is lost in productivity. Undoubtedly, cleaning improvements are now a necessity with employees working in such close proximity, to help prevent cross contamination.

Restrooms are one common area where many employees reported dissatisfaction. When transitioning to high-density floorplans, traffic significantly increases, and the usage of towel, tissue, and soap will rise correlatively. With limited resources, the spread of infection and cross contamination can easily occur in restrooms, breakrooms, and shared office spaces. Simple upgrades such as touchless fixtures, dispensers, and hand-sanitizing stations can help raise the standard for hygiene in an office, thus reducing absenteeism and increasing productivity. Also, storing and accessing supplies in limited spaces can become a challenge. Look for products that are designed for small spaces such as the EZ Access® Cartons from Georgia-Pacific Professional.

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