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How Brand Consistency Can Achieve Double Digit Savings

Posted by OMNIA Partners on November 01, 2017

Brand consistency can be a challenge for global enterprises but is critical for success. Creating a consistent branding message enables you to develop global recognition while engaging with your audience to build meaningful relationships. A cohesive brand ‘voice’ is a benefit to the entire enterprise, but connecting global locations and tasking them to act as brand guardians can be complex. While this may seem like a minor issue to tackle, brand consistency is crucial for three very key reasons:

  1. It’s marketing on a higher level
  2. Consistency makes your brand feel more dependable
  3. Consumers trust brands they recognize

Centralizing processes and standards across the globe can mean significant improvement and significant savings. Often global enterprise locations will use their own printer or their own display messaging, etc. All these varying buckets of spend can result in higher cost once fully accounted for, making marketing services a key area for cost savings and process improvement.

Through unifying spend, enterprises can develop an exciting new suite of marketing messages, increase visibility of all marketing activities, improve effectiveness, advance brand portfolio management, increase adoption of global initiatives and realize substantial savings.

But...What is procurement's role?

As we enter 2018, procurement will continue to be challenged with locating more savings, bigger savings and newer areas to save. Marketing Services can be the answer; in the first year of the program members can expect an average of 17% savings. Procurement can influence brand consistency resulting in increased brand recognition (and revenue) and decreased cost. Learn more about our newest program offering, Marketing Services with partner Konica Minolta Marketing Services.

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