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The Truth About Equipment Rental and Why Renting is a Better Value

Posted by OMNIA Partners on March 30, 2021

The decision to rent equipment versus purchase can be a tough choice for procurement and key stakeholders to make. Equipment tends to be a large expenditure and critical to productivity, making this spend crucial to an optimized spend management strategy. Procurement needs to weigh several factors to decide what makes most sense for their organization.

We have outlined the pros of equipment rental versus equipment purchase.

Top Reasons to Rent Equipment 

Low upfront capital expenditure Equipment purchases require large upfront investments 
Access to up-to-date equipment with the latest technological advancements Technology becomes stagnant at point of purchase 
Equipment is compliant with all necessary regulations, including emissions  Requires staff to maintain equipment to ensure compliance with all regulations 
Avoidance of potential fees associated with non-compliant equipment  Risk expensive fees if equipment is non-compliant 
No storage fees  Need to allocate space in facility for storage or pay fees for offsite storage 
No need for in-house mechanic(s)  Owning equipment requires continuous maintenance to protect investment 
No depreciation over time  Equipment lifecycle shortens over time (especially without proper maintenance)  

👉 One more bonus pro(curement) tip: By renting equipment end-users will save time as they have access to the right tools and right equipment, when they need it, and for the period they need it to complete their job. 


EQUIPMENT RENTAL - VS - PURCHASE COMPARISON INFOGRAPHIC Equipment Rental -vs- Equipment Purchase Infographic


Once procurement has made the decision to rent equipment OMNIA Partners offers multiple rental opportunities, allowing purchasers to make the best decision for their specific requirements. Learn more about the Equipment Rental program and the industry-leading suppliers Herc Rentals and Sunbelt Rentals 


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