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Enhanced CWS Programs Bring More Value to Members

Posted by OMNIA Partners on June 13, 2017

With growing interest and participation in Contingent Workforce Solutions (CWS) offerings we’re excited to highlight how we are responding to our members’ evolving needs.

A Time for Change

As companies look to create holistic human capital management strategies, contingent labor has become an increasingly vital factor in the equation.

Globalization, an aging workforce and increased demand for a broadening set of skills present significant challenges to companies of all shapes and sizes. Today, nearly 2 out of every 3 hires occur through social channels like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Moreover, it is expected that nearly half of the world’s workers will be contingent by 2020.

To keep pace with the changing demands on our member companies, we continue to monitor the market for CWS in order to ensure CU members have access to best-in-class solutions with the leading providers in the industry.

I’m excited to share how we’ve strengthened our offerings, established new partnerships and ultimately created greater value for our members.

Staffing & Workforce Solutions

In 2016 we offered members enhanced benefits on our Staffing & Workforce Solutions program with partner Volt Workforce Solutions (VWS).

Recently, we’ve recognized a strong staffing need from our members in the distribution and industrial environments. To meet this demand we are excited to announce a new partnership with light-industrial focused national staffing service, Staffmark.

Key CU-Staffmark program benefits include:

  • Aggressive regional pricing
  • Complimentary site safety assessments
  • Individual and group rebates

Explore our Staffing & Workforce Solutions program with partners Staffmark and Volt Workforce Solutions.

Managed Service Provider

While having a successful partner in Volt Consulting Group (VCG), we recognized our membership needs a comprehensive Managed Service Provider (MSP) solution for smaller spends. To address this we strengthened our relationship with veteran partner Populus Group and asked them to join our MSP program.

Populus MSP program benefits include:

  • Accelerated/condensed implementation process
  • Aggregate member rebate
  • Dedicated program management resources
  • Spend is Tier 1 reportable

Learn more about our MSP program with providers Populus Group and VCG.

Independent Contractor Compliance & Payrolling

We also completed the next generation agreement of our popular Independent Contractor Compliance (ICC; 1099) and Payrolling programs. We were able to eliminate the previous payrolling onboarding fees, which is a savings of $100 per payrolled contractor.

Check out our updated ICC & Payrolling programs, with partner Populus Group.

Vendor Management System

With the recent merger of IQN and Beeline, we now offer the largest and most innovative Vendor Management System (VMS) on the market to our members.

With market-leading pricing and a new mid-market spend program, we can now provide this world-class technology to more CU members, especially those with smaller spends.

Find out more about our VMS program with partner IQN-Beeline.

Moving Forward

We look forward to working together in 2017, and keeping you updated as our CWS programs continue to grow. Contact us at anytime with questions about how to get started with our suite of CWS offerings.

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