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Creating a Competitive Supply Chain in Complex Times

Posted by OMNIA Partners on March 04, 2019

How PepsiCo is edging out the competition by strategically developing programs, groups and a supply chain centered on women. 

Managing an efficient and lean supply chain can be challenging, especially with the consistent need to modernize. PepsiCo developed a unique strategy, program, and even a special group to accomplish their goals. Their multi-faceted strategy approach is centered on women.

"Evaluating manufacturing in North America and here at PepsiCo, the supply chain continues to modernize and become more complex," explains Jana Gessner, vice president for EHS at PepsiCo. “Complexity requires a workforce that views situations in a new light. Women’s experiences and thought processes are different.”




The Supply Chain Future is Female

Learn more about how integral women are to the workforce in this infographic. You will be able to understand the impact of female workers, the untraditional roles they are filling and the double-digit growth surge women are claiming in the labor force. 

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