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Bring Everyone Together to Drive IT Communications Savings

Posted by OMNIA Partners on July 06, 2016

As large companies evolve, IT strategies within communications infrastructure systems need to change to support the business goals of the company in harmony with the expanding IT marketplace. Successful IT Communications leaders in these companies focus on desired business outcomes to design and lead the change management cycles necessary to realign their systems. However, these communication infrastructure changes need to satisfy the following:

  • Budgetary constraints
  • Internal communication infrastructure and personnel capacity
  • Supply base capabilities

Budgetary Constraints

Budget constraints are a necessary part of life for businesses to stay competitive. Professionals in Procurement need to partner with IT Communication and Business leaders to find ways to achieve lower TCO and solid service while ensuring that internal capacity and system realignment efforts are met too.

Infrastructure & Personnel Capacity

IT Communication personnel are often constrained with an ever-growing demand for IT projects to enable desired business outcomes. Prioritizing these IT projects requires investment scrutiny guided ultimately by profitability and customer satisfaction. All too often communication infrastructure investments are perceived as secondary to business outcomes, so they suffer during the prioritization process. For example: employee communications, productivity tools, and telephone upgrades.

Supplier Capabilities

Supplier capabilities are endlessly expanding from the Everything as a Service (EaaS) paradigm. Today it seems as though everything is ‘in the cloud’ via the internet or can be delivered through a subscription service delivery model, including Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). So, simply learning what suppliers have to offer can be daunting for IT Communications, Procurement, and Business leaders.

Unified Communications

How Do we Simplify and Get to the Savings?

By bringing IT Communication and Procurement leaders together with our partner West Unified Communications, OMNIA Partners, Private Sector can help you identify the right solution for your company by utilizing:

  • Highly leveraged market competitive pricing across a breath of solutions
  • Pre-negotiated industry vetted terms and conditions
  • No risk confidential assessments conducted by OMNIA Partners, Private Sector
  • Supplier partners professionals motivated to deliver value to your business

West Unified Communication offers the most diverse set of capabilities that can adapt to any communication infrastructure strategy by using a broad range of solutions that include integration with on-premise systems all the way to complete UCaaS implementations.

Learn More about our Program

Let’s ‘bring everyone together’ so we can help you identify these IT Communication savings opportunities. Contact your member development representative, or email us at about our newly updated Conferencing and Unified Communication program.

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