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TransImpact is an industry leader in end-to-end technology-based supply chain solutions that optimize operations, create efficiencies, and improve margin to transform the business performance of our clients. With the combination of highly intelligent decision-support tools and the market expertise of our people, we deliver practical, value-driven solutions across the supply chain network. We are relentless in our goal of driving bottom-line business impact and turning our clients into raving fans by providing the tools and exceptional service they need today with the pioneering ideas and innovations of tomorrow.

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How Procurement Can Manage Shipping Rate Increases

March 7, 2022 / by TransImpact posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Small Parcel Solutions, Less Than Truckload, Procurement, gpo


Does your company feel that it’s lost control of its shipping operations? After an exceptionally tough year of supply chain disruptions and strained carrier capacity, your company and logistics operations could use a break. The pressure on supply chains is showing no sign of easing up anytime soon while manufacturers are having issues covering the cost of shipping. 

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5 Considerations for Small Parcel Spend Management

February 6, 2018 / by TransImpact posted in Group Purchasing Organization, Corporate Services, Small Parcel Solutions, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, gpo


Parcel shipping is getting expensive. In reality, it already was costly and now it is even more so. The recent rate increase announcements from UPS and FedEx means that it will cost more money to ship in 2018.  Reducing parcel shipping costs, without sacrificing service, has become a concern for many businesses. Profit margins continue to narrow for ecommerce companies meaning they will need to make sure that their parcel shipping strategy not only fulfills customer demands but also saves money.

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