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How AR Can Solve Your Manufacturing Challenges

Posted by AMPLEXOR on May 01, 2019

AR and multilingual content in manufacturing can help solve specific challenges related to the manufacturing industry. Read how the use of AR and multilingual content can create an efficient, lean and agile manufacturing processes resulting in more productivity, compliance and safety. 

AMPLEXOR recently attended the American Manufacturing Summit in Chicago, eager to talk with attendees about innovations, disruptions and challenges facing their industry. They also hosted an engaging roundtable discussion centered on creating a digital ecosystem for end-to-end global content delivery. During this two-day event of breakout session discussions and one-on-one meetings with Directors, VPs, CEOs, and CIOs, it became evident that digitalization and globalization - more specifically the pace of this transformation - are influencing manufacturers' operations, processes and profitability. 

Manufacturing Challenges 

It's no secret, every industry presents businesses with the same challenges they all face together, competition or not. Therefore, AMPLEXOR wasn't surprised when their booth attendees were asking very similar questions - how to effectively train employees to increase productivity, compliance, and safety. And in return, create more efficient, lean and agile manufacturing processes. AMPLEXOR had to get to the granular to better understand where the disconnect from employee training to productivity, compliance and safety was coming from.

AR and Multilingual Content in Manufacturing 

The challenges we've discussed can all be solved with multilingual content and / or AR. Think about it! 

Regardless of your current training procedures, your global workforce needs accurately translated and localized materials. If they don't receive these, you are losing efficiency, adding cost, risking compliance, and even worse, risking the safety of your employees. AMPLEXOR doesn't just translate your training materials, they ensure the intended meaning and objective set forth by the process and training creator are communicated in the most effective way possible. 

Read the full article from AMPLEXORThrough our partnership with industry leader AMPLEXOR, members of OMNIA Partners can expand global reach with adaptable, cost-effective translation and localization service offerings. 

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