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Supply Chain Performance: Do You Have the Visibility You Need?

Posted by OMNIA Partners on March 20, 2019

Learn how one Supply Chain Executive transformed his supply chain in less than a year; effectively securing and improving his company's competitive position through supply chain performance visibility.

The Internet has changed the way supply chain executives operate. Investing in technology advancements certainly help further your supply chain efficiencies. But if you don't have proper visibility into your supply chain new technologies may only exasperate issues. In order to focus on the future and become a more agile supply chain, executives must uncover core inefficiencies. IndustryWeek recently provided a case study on a supply chain executive who returned to basics in order to examine performance. Armed with this information the executive was able to develop and implement an improvement strategy. In this case study

Three major issues needing supply chain transformation: 

  1. Reduce non-value-added supplier process time from 18.8 days
  2. Reduce the non-value-added inbound transportation time from 53.3 days
  3. Reduce U.S. warehouse dwell time before shipment to customers from 41.6 days


According to IndustryWeek, "organizations get back to basics by evaluating drivers of the end-to-end lead time, targeting basic process changes within the four key areas of supply chain (Plan, Source, Make and Deliver) and applying solutions to improve key area fundamentals, which ultimately drive dramatic improvements in the end-to-end supply chain agility."

"By analyzing the E2E lead time and identifying areas of improvement in sourcing, inbound transportation and planning, the executive was able to develop targeted solutions, resulting in significant operational and financial gains," IndustryWeek. 


Read the Full Case Study


Transform Your Supply Chain

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