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A New Focus on Travel Offerings

Posted by OMNIA Partners on January 09, 2017

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At OMNIA Partners, we always base our decisions on member feedback and business intelligence, and the launch of our new travel solution set is no different. We heard an incredible amount of feedback from our members that they need programs to support their travel needs. So, we listened.

We researched the best partners and programs, and are now proud to launch a suite of solutions that advocate for an optimal traveler experience at your organization.

Evolution of the Travel Industry

We have seen a lot of changes in the travel industry affecting how programs are sourced, how suppliers are evaluated and the overall expectations of travel managers.

Previously, the focus was around cost savings and conducting RFPs to find savings opportunities, however an increase in technology has given more power to individual travelers, causing the industry as a whole to shift towards a traveler-centric model. Additionally, as travel is further pulled into procurement, data and meaningful insights are becoming even more desirable.

As a result, we thought it was important to create programs that not only bring savings but also focus on the satisfaction of travelers and those who manage it. And, as with everything we do at OMNIA Partners, our contracting process and principles served as our guide-post during program development, ensuring our members realize the most value from our offerings.

Our Travel Programs

While you may be familiar with some of our travel programs, we will continue to grow this new solution set throughout 2017, and in the years that follow.

Car Rental

Although there have been changes in transportation, car rental is not going anywhere, and companies have to be careful that they don’t become too complacent with their programs. It’s critical to take a total cost approach and to apply contract management principles.

Learn more about our Car Rental program with partner National Car Rental and Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Travel Management

Keeping employees safe and maintaining policy compliance are foundational elements for all travel programs. But, companies are also looking for high touch customer service that supports traveler experiences and establishes best-in-class programs.

Find out about the OMNIA Partners-Direct Travel, Travel Management program.

Corporate Housing Solutions

Saving money by avoiding hotels? Some companies might not even realize how much can be saved by looking into long-term housing options for frequent travelers, interns, consultants or those on long-term projects. Can your organization benefit?

Read more about the OMNIA Partners -Weichert Corporate Housing program.

Meetings and Events

A lot of companies don’t have insight into how much their organization spends on meetings and events management, which is why this offering has become an area of focus. A strategic approach to meetings can bring significant savings and better awareness to company practices.

Explore the OMNIA Partners Meetings and Events program with Altour Meetings & Incentives.

Let’s Get Started

We hope you are as excited as we are about the expansion of our business, and the new opportunities that this will bring your organization in the years to come.

We look forward to working together, and keeping you updated as our travel vertical continues to grow. 

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