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7 Benefits of a Managed Office Relocation

Posted by OMNIA Partners on July 06, 2017

Corporate Move and Office Relocation OMNIA Partners has been in our new office for less than a year, making us all too familiar with some of the challenges that relocating your corporate office can bring. During the initial relocation planning it can be tough to focus on the positive outcomes that arise. For instance, at OMNIA Partners we outgrew our old space due to our ever-expanding team, which is cause for celebration! We were also given the opportunity through relocation to redesign our workspaces to be more functional and cohesive for collaboration, two big advantages.

You might be skeptical but pointed out seven benefits to changing office spaces that are all representative of new opportunities, explaining, “moving gives you the chance to revamp your business, motivate your staff and save some money; as well as giving you the opportunity to review the core values at the heart of your company.” Realign your relocation thinking by reading these seven positive impacts.

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Managed Moves vs. Unmanaged Moves

When OMNIA Partners moved we proverbially put our money where our mouth is, enlisting the help of our trusted supplier partner Andrews Moving and Storage. For OMNIA Partners, using a partner provided us the ability to designate less of our resources to the move. Allowing our team to remain focused and minimize disruption. We were also able to locate savings through having our move managed, even though our move was to a location only a few blocks away!

Office relocation may seem like an unlikely area to partner with a GPO but unmanaged moves cost significantly more than managed moves. And a modern GPO provides value outside of cost savings alone. Discover how moving office relocation into your portfolio will increase efficiencies, savings and visibility…the same way we did!

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