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6 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Benefit Your Organization Throughout the Pandemic

Posted by Staffmark Group on January 14, 2021

The pandemic has affected job roles in many different ways. For some companies, demand dropped significantly at the start of the pandemic but has returned to normal levels. For others, demand and supply chain fluctuations have proven difficult, such as situations where they have had to lay off staff and then rehire to meet changing needs. For hiring managers, this means that a great level of flexibility is required. Now, staffing agencies are playing a significant role in helping clients become more agile, as employers still need employees to meet business goals. The current environment simply means that hiring managers must be creative and strategic in finding them.

Below are six reasons your organization may want to look to a staffing agency to reduce stress during these difficult times.


1) Agility

Employers are depending on staffing agencies to quickly meet their staffing needs and deliver quality service during this ever-changing time. Throughout the pandemic, hiring managers continue to use staffing agencies to fill temporary positions. This allows companies to seize opportunities now and avoid a costly, long-term commitment. Contractors can alleviate extra work from full-time employees and/or fill in the gaps caused by unforeseen layoffs.


2) Quality and Speed

Although the pandemic has changed a lot, it has not changed the fact that employers place a high value on quality from the staffing agencies they work with. That includes both the quality of candidates and the quality of services. There is a fine balance between cost, quality, speed,
and flexibility. They are all considered and interrelated during the hiring process. However, where only one of these factors is considered a high priority, other factors may dwindle. For example, a fast hire, may not always bring the highest quality candidate. Staffing agencies’ role is to manage expectations and deliver a service that meets clients’ quality, speed, and flexibility needs.


3) Diversity

While the pandemic has caused many disruptions and it is easy to switch focus in times of great challenge, it is encouraging that diversity and inclusion remains a key focus for organizations.


4) Cost and Time Savings 

Hiring pre-pandemic was hard enough. Hiring during COVID-19 presents another set of challenges. When companies partner with a staffing agency, they can avoid making the wrong hire, delays in hiring, and long-term commitments of adding staff to their payroll – all of which cost money and time.



5) Productivity 

The pandemic has resulted in longer workdays for many workers. This can result in errors, fatigue, work related injuries, and lack of motivation – which means a loss of productivity. Staffing agencies can provide additional resources to restore productivity levels.


6) Forecasting Assistance

The pandemic has forced many employers to shift from a strategic hiring plan to a reactive state, and many organizations expect volatility to continue for the short-term future. A staffing partner can help forecast during the pandemic and beyond. With a plan in place, organizations will have the necessary staff – and if things change, the agency can quickly intervene to adjust as needed.


How Staffmark Group Has Adapted

To relieve pressure from companies hiring during COVID-19, staffing agencies have also had to become more agile. The key adaptions Staffmark Group made include:

  • Remote recruitment
  • Emerging technology
  • Expedited hiring process
  • Creative compensation strategies 
  • Flexible work options 

To read the full article on the various approaches Staffmark Group has taken during the pandemic, click HERE


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