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2021 Roofing and Flooring Trends

Posted by CentiMark on January 27, 2021


Many of us are excited to welcome 2021 with open arms. A new year means new possibilities, change and growth. While many are still feeling the effects of the pandemic, Centimark and Questmark are looking for ways to help members of OMNIA Partners stay ahead during the new year. Here are some roofing and flooring trends that they expect to see in 2021 and some recommendations they have to help.

COVID-19 Implications

Remote working, tighter budgets and the need to eliminate interpersonal contact are just a few of the running themes in the business world that will carry into 2021. The need for innovation in technology is imperative to our members.

Utilizing technology in the commercial roofing industry such as scheduling virtual meetings and making use of digital platforms is now more crucial than ever. CentiMark's 3D Virtual Site Assessment Program is the ideal way to leverage technology, while gaining roof knowledge from the comforts of your home or office. Your facility and roof can be safely inspected, while simultaneously adhering to social distancing guidelines and minimizing the need for in-person access to your facility. CentiMark will capture critical data of your property utilizing state-of-the-art drones with high definition, infrared and thermal capabilities. This information is then logged into their exclusive platform so you can have access to the data in one convenient site, eliminating the need for multiple site visits by various contractors and in-person meetings. The entire inspection and auditing process can be completed virtually and at a distance.


More Service Work, Less Reroofing

As the pandemic has affected businesses all over the world, our members are going to look for alternative roofing solutions within the OMNIA Partners portfolio and beyond. This potentially means tighter budgets, an increase in expense spend versus capital spend and more coating solutions. CentiMark is seeing increases in service work to keep roofs watertight. They recommend scheduling your service work once an issue has been detected so we can help you keep any leaks and minor damages at bay to stay within your budget before they become bigger problems.

CentiMark’s mission is to keep OMNIA Partners member companies watertight, by protecting your property and employees all in concert with your regular business hours. They provide a full building analysis, at no cost, to determine what your needs might be and the best solutions for your facility.


Labor Shortages

The shortage in labor has continued into 2021. Labor shortages can be attributed to not only the increasing need for roofing and flooring work, but also to the lack of available roof and floor laborers as well. Skilled labor is still decreasing in popularity and can be attributed to misconceptions regarding the construction industry and fewer people enrolling in trade schools. The shortage in labor means that  the cost of roofing and flooring will continue to rise. To entice skilled laborers and keep up with the increasing demand for workers, companies will need to provide competitive wages and benefits.


QuestMark Clean, Sanitize and Disinfect (QM CSD)

Keeping your commercial, industrial or retail space cleaned, sanitized and disinfected at all times is more important than ever before. QM CSD will clean, sanitize and disinfect your floors and high-touch areas such as shelving, coolers, restrooms and door handles. They can also clean, sanitize and disinfect delivery vehicles in between uses. This process is ideal for reacting to major spills, COVID-19 or flu outbreaks or as part of any store renovation. This system works on resinous, hard surfaces and polished concrete floors. The product is a known virucide against Coronavirus, quickly and efficiently killing harmful molecules and bacteria. It is also a fungicide, disinfectant, sanitizer and deodorizer. Suitable for LEED properties and an EPA registered deodorizer and disinfectant, QM CSD is a hospital-type disinfectant with over 30 pathogen claims that you can trust.


Start this year off on the right foot. Think you’re in need of an inspection? What about cleaning for your facility? Whatever your needs, know that CentiMark and QuestMark can help. Reach out today to get your facility ready for 2021.

OMNIA Partners members and suppliers benefit from the power and associations we have across a multitude of industries, and the premier access they get to products, services and solutions. This creates the unparalleled value and unmatched resources that their members and suppliers can trust to reach their full potential. Learn more about our approach today.

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