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2017 Background Screening Trends: What You Should Know

Posted by OMNIA Partners on July 31, 2017

When it comes to finding and onboarding new talent, most organizations have some type of verification process they follow. But, is it aligned to the newest trends and research?

Sterling Talent Solutions, supplier in the OMNIA Partners robust portfolio, recently released their 2017 survey findings, “Background Screening Trends & Best Practices Report 2017.” I’ve highlighted some of the top interests I hear from our members, aligned to 2017 background screening trends.

The Candidate Experience

Trend #1 – “Reducing time to hire is critical”

Members of OMNIA Partners Perspective
A new OMNIA Partners member was very concerned about reducing the time that it took to bring on new employees at their organization. So, we looked at the incumbent information vs. what we could offer. We were pleased with how much our program could impact their business needs due to strong SLAs in place regarding criminal check and verification turn around times.

Trend #2 – “Technology is increasingly important to the candidate experience”

Members of OMNIA Partners Perspective
Our membership is always looking for the newest technology and we have heard a lot about the need for an electronic and/or digital experience for the candidate, and having an onboarding process be compatible with mobile devices. We have seen a lot of success across our membership with the Sterling Talent Solutions onboarding portal.

Download the Infographic

Employer Information Needs

Trend #3 – “Gaining access to all of background information required can be a challenge”

Members of OMNIA Partners Perspective
Something else we hear a lot of from new members and prospective members is that they need to improve the quality of their searches – they want full visibility into complete residence history, alias names and convictions. Our members have had a lot of success with Sterling Talent Solutions “Exclusive Complete Criminal Locator,” which searches almost 16% more places and finds 23% more criminal records.

Trend #4 - “93% of organizations use a criminal record search to evaluate prospective employees”

Members of OMNIA Partners Perspective
Over the last few years, our member organizations have placed a bigger focus on maintaining safety for employees and the general public who may interact with employees. Our members are outperforming the 93% average Sterling found, with 100% completing criminal record searches. Also, around 80% of our members supplement the criminal check with the sex offender search to enhance the background check even more.

Access the Full Report + Infographic

Want to download the full report? Visit the Sterling Talent Solutions website to access “Background Screening Trends & Best Practices Report 2017.”

Check out our new background checks infographic that goes into details about why you should consider the candidate experience in your background checks programs.

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